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The Temporary Tattoo Store

The Number 1 destination for all your temporary tattoo kits, tattoo stencils, glitter & accessories. The Temporary Tattoo Store, by Glitter Body Art Ltd, produce fun & exciting Glitter Tattoo products, Face Painting Kits & Accessories.

Our products are easy to use, safe for use by children & CE Approved. Variety of Fun Tattoo Kits Available. We are always adding new, original designs, so keep checking our latest products page for our newest ranges.

Temporary Tattoos are the latest trend!! Glitter Body Art Ltd are Uk Manufacturers based in South Wales. We supply Cosmetic Grade Glitters, Temporary Tattoo Stencils and Body Art Kits. We also supply Grimas Face Painting paints & accessories, transfer tattoos, ink tattoos & Point Of Sale marketing / advertising signage & display stands. We have everything you need to start up a glitter tattoo or face painting business!

Our products are cosmetically approved and manufactured from our own factory in Wales. We can supply everything you need to run a successful Temporary Tattoo business. We have a large variety of tattoo kits, from small personal use to large business kits

Our tattoos are quick and simple to apply yet look fantastically colourful and effective.