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The Temporary Tattoo Store, by Glitter Body Art, are the UK’s No 1 supplier of glitter tattoo stencils, glitter tattoo kits, body glitter & accessories. Our temporary tattoos give you glittery, shimmery, multicoloured tattoos which are painless to apply and will last up to 7 days!!

We have a large range of tattoo kits to get you started, from small personal kits to large business kits. The temporary tattoo sets contain everything you need to create your very own Glitter Tattoo and with full instructions enclosed, it could not be easier. These temporary tattoos are suitable for all age groups and we use hypoallergenic cosmetic glue so it is safe for all the family. We do not recommend using them on the face.

We also stock extra accessories such as stencil templates, many different coloured body glitters and the cosmetic glue.

Our products are perfectly safe as we use hypoallergenic materials to ensure that it is safe as well as using special ultra fine cosmetic glitters and cosmetic gel to make sure that your skin is safe at all times. We do not recommend using our body adhesive on the face or reusing a stencil.

Our Glitter Tattoos are waterproof so you may bath or swim but prolonged damp skin may decrease the life span of your tattoo.

Our temporary tattoos are long lasting but If you wish remove your tattoos then you can simply use baby oil or any oil based lotion to remove it.

Get Creative With Glitter

See how you can use our stencils & glitter to create fantastic Temporary Tattoos, great for adding a bit of sparkle to your party! We have a huge range of glitter tattoo stencils to choose from.

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