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Glitter Body Art – Facepainting Stencils

Our Face Paint stencils are great for creating fun designs even for novice face painters.

Great choice of face stencils for facepainting from small stencils to large stencils.

We stock animal print stencils, Halloween stencils, Christmas stencils and many more designs.

The stencils are made from re-usable plastic, so can be washed after use.

Use together with good quality face paint such as Grimas Face Paints and you will have clean crisp designs.

Suitable for use on the face or body and body glitter may be applied over the top whilst the paint is still damp.

Postage will only be 70p if you order ONLY 3 face painting stencils or less

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  • Irish Shamrock facepaint stencil for ireland facepainting stencils irish rugby

    Irish Shamrock Facepaint Stencil 105

  • princess face stencil, disney princess party stencil

    Princess Facepainting Stencil 071

  • kanagroo stencil for Australia, Wallaby stencil, Wallabies rugby

    Australian Wallaby Glitter Tattoo Stencil 124