Bio Glitter

Bio Glitter is a Plastic Free Glitter so is an Eco Friendly Cosmetic Glitter

We are Official Authorised Resellers of Biodegradable Glitter in the UK so you can be assured of excellent quality products.

Bio glitter is an environmentally friendly cosmetic glitter which is suitable for creating glitter tattoos and make up applications.

Our Bio range consists of 14 shades. Take a look at our range of Bio Festival Makeup chunky mixes which are fun for festivals, pamper parties and birthday parties.

You may purchase small individual 5 Gram Jars, 14 Jar Bulk Packs or 1 Kilo Wholesale bags of loose glitter.

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  • Festival Glitter Gel, glitter gel, glitter glue, face gel, hair gel

    Festival Face and Body Gel 50g

    £4.99 £3.99
  • Bio Glitter – Pack of 10 Bioglitters

  • Festival Bio Glitter – Neptune

  • Festival Bio Glitter – Caribbean

  • Festival Bio Glitter – Pixie Pink

  • silver bio glitter jar, silver bioglitter
  • Festival Bio Glitter – Cosmic Pink

  • bioglitter kit, bio-glitter kit, bio glitter tattoo kit, bioglitter, bio-glitter, bio glitter, cosmetic bio-glitter

    Bio Glitter Temporary Tattoo Kit