Cosmetic Glitter

Cosmetic Glitter

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Cosmetically approved premium cosmetic glitters for glitter face makeup.

Cosmetic grade glitter for face and body, so great for festival glitter makeup, glitter tattoos and makeup.  In our range we have beautiful holographic cosmetic glitter and iridescent shades so great for sparkly glitter eye makeup.

Our range are available as loose glitter and packaged in glitter pots, puffer bottles and bulk buy wholesale glitter jars for professionals.

Face painters will love our range of cosmetic glitters!

Nail technicians can use these glitters in acrylics and gels for creating glitter nail art designs.

Collectioin of premium cosmetic glitter sizes from 4 grams to 150 grams refill glitter, bulk buy glitter

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  • green face and body cosmetic glitter makeup
  • fluorescent pink loose glitter
  • antique gold cosmetic glitter for makeup and glitter tattoo applications

    Antique Gold Cosmetic Glitter Makeup

  • gold cosmetic glitter, bulk buy wholesale glitter for makeup

    Wholesale Cosmetic Glitter – Reindeer Gold

  • Wholesale Cosmetic Glitter – Silver Sparkle

  • wholesale cosmetic glitter- pink cosmetic glitter

    Wholesale Cosmetic Glitter – Pink Sparkle

  • Wholesale Glitter – Red

  • Cadbury purple wholesale cosmetic glitter

    Wholesale Cosmetic Glitter – Purple