Festival Glitter

Festival Glitter


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We have everything you need to create your festival look with our chunky glitter makeup range of fun products.

Our glitter mixes can be applied to the face, body or hair.

We have created our own beautiful chunky glitter mixes which are available in pots of 25 grams jar or 100 gram jars.

All our festival mixes are bespoke made within our own factory.

Our collection of beautiful sparkly mixed glitters are made with holographic and iridescent chunky together with fine glitter shapes and shades of different sizes.

The full business glitter kits are perfect for starting a party business or events company.

We also have available Holographic stars, facial stickers, face paints, and festival face gel,

All our products are cosmetically approved cosmetic glitters, therefore, a perfect addition to your Glitter Bar.

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  • holographic silver festival glitter mix made from bio glitter

    Festival Bio Glitter – Magpie

  • violet, purple festival glitter mix made from bio glitter for glitter make up

    Festival Bio Glitter Mix – Violicious

  • Orange cosmetic face and body chunky glitter stars for festival makeup

    Holographic Festival Glitter Stars – Orange