Bio Glitter Mocha




Official Cosmetic Bioglitter® in shades of chocolate brown colours

What are Bio Glitters?

Bio glitters break down naturally in the environment – perfect for outside events like carnivals and festivals. No animal testing. This range are just as sparkly and beautiful as our normal range of glitters, but kind to the environment.


What size are they bottled in?

Our Biodegradable Glitter is available in 5 gm jars, 5 gm puffers & 60ml refills, plus 250gm, 500gm & 1 kilo bags.


What size is the glitter?

Glitter is size 006 so finer than the 008 currently used for glitter tattoos.

How many glitters are in the range?

Eco glitter currently comes in a variety of 14 colours which are fully cosmetic can be used for

  • Makeup
  • Glittery eyes
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Glitter nails

General Information

Biodegradable glitters break down naturally in the environment so that no harm can come to wildlife, perfect for outside events like carnivals and festivals or the environmentally friendly amongst us.


  • Satisfies the requirements of EC Regulation 1223/2009
  • Marine and Waste Water Biodegradable
  • Suited to many dry, water-based and oil-based applications

Additional information

Weight18 g

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