Bio Glitter Temporary Tattoo Kit


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BioSparkle™ Temporary Tattoo Kit

Contents of a glitter body art kit

Bio Glitter Temporary Tattoo Kit

Introducing the Bio glitter Glitter Tattoo Kit – a magical and eco-friendly way to spark your child's creativity!

Our kit is designed to bring joy and excitement to any occasion, allowing children to express themselves through dazzling temporary tattoos without harming the planet.

Information about our Bioglitter Temporary Tattoo Kit:

  1. Eco-Friendly Glitter:
    • Our glitter is made from biodegradable materials, ensuring a guilt-free sparkle. Say goodbye to traditional glitters that harm the environment, and embrace the beauty of eco-conscious choices.
  2. Vibrant Color Palette:
    • The kit includes six dazzling and vibrant colors to ignite your child's imagination. From enchanting blues to radiant pinks, every shade is carefully selected to make their creations truly stand out.
  3. Self-Adhesive Stencils:
    • No artistic skills required! The kit comes with 40 self-adhesive stencils featuring various fun and playful designs. Simply peel, stick, and glitter away for effortlessly beautiful tattoos.
  4. Child-Safe and Non-Toxic:
    • We prioritize safety! The glitter is made from non-toxic materials, ensuring a worry-free creative experience for both parents and children.
  5. Easy Application and Removal:
    • The application is a breeze! Your child can easily create their temporary tattoos in minutes. When the fun is over, removal is equally simple – just wash it off with soap and water.
  6. Perfect for Any Occasion:
    • Whether it's a birthday party, play date, or just a rainy day indoors, the Bio glitter Glitter Tattoo Kit is the perfect companion for endless hours of creative fun.
  7. Compact and Portable:
    • The compact design of the kit makes it easy to take the glittery fun on the go. Perfect for travel, vacations, or creative moments wherever your child's imagination takes them

Let your child shine and sparkle responsibly with the Bio glitter Glitter Tattoo Kit – a fantastic blend of creativity, eco-friendliness, and pure glittery joy! Make every moment magical and memorable with this enchanting kit.

Our  BioSparkle™ Temporary Tattoo Glitter Kit includes:

*40 Temporary Tattoo Stencil Designs (20 girls & 20 boys)

*6 Puffer bottles of bio-glitters® (5ml - colours may vary)

*5ml body adhesive and a set of application brushes.

*Packaged in a gift box


You can also purchase Bioglitter colours separately, we have a range of 14 colours to choose from from fine to chunky shapes -

Our stencils in this kit are triple layer so easy to use and apply.  Our stencils are one use only for the general public.

Biodegradable glitters break down naturally in the environment so there is no damage to the ground – perfect for outside events like carnivals and festivals.

No animal testing.

This range are just as sparkly and beautiful as our normal range of glitters, but kinder to the environment.

Biosparkle ™ is a trademark owned by Glitter Body Art Ltd.

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