Bio Glitter Temporary Tattoo Kit


BioSparkle Kit, 40 Stencils, 6 BioGlitters, Body Glue & Brushes

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Bio Glitter Temporary Tattoo Kit – being kind to the environment whilst enjoying the sparkle!

Cosmetically approved Bioglitter so perfect for glitter tattoos as well as makeup, festival glitter mixes and nail art.


Our BioSparkle Temporary Tattoo Glitter Kit includes:

40 Temporary Tattoo Stencil Designs (20 girls & 20 boys)

6 Puffer bottles of bio-glitters (5ml – colours may vary)

5ml body adhesive & brushes.


Our stencils in this kit are triple layer so easy to use and apply.


Biodegradable glitters break down naturally in the environment – perfect for outside events like carnivals and festivals.

No animal testing.

This range are just as sparkly and beautiful as our normal range of glitters, but kinder to the environment.


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