Clearance Glitter Tattoo Stencils Pack x 100


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Clearance Glitter Tattoo Stencil Pack - Kids Temporary Tattoos

Do you need to buy large quantities of Kids Temporary Tattoo stencil packs for your party business or are you an event planner looking to buy large quantities of children's stencils to create glitter tattoos?

This is a mixture of 100 temporary tattoo self-adhesive stencil design templates for both boys and girls. They could be discontinued designs or overstocks.

These glitter tattoo stencil templates work out at just under 5p per stencil!

You will receive a bundle of mixed stencil templates which are perfect for bulk buying stencils if you attend large events and need large quantities of stencil designs but offering a variety of stencil designs.

Each pack contains 10 designs, this is a mystery bundle so you will receive a selection of 10 stencil designs, receiving 10 of each template.

These clearance glitter tattoo stencil packs are pre-selected stencils so we are unable to give you specific designs but the picture gives you an indication of what designs could be in your pack.

This is a great refill option for adding to your professional glitter tattoo kit.

Our glitter tattoo stencils are best used with our range of glitter & body glue products.

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