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Inkatoos uses black tattoo ink to create temporary tattoos that look like the real thing! Fantastic fake tattoos! Lasts 3 to 7 days.


FREE 5 Gram of White sparkly glitter inlcuded.

Our Inkatoos Girls Kit Gift Box contains

  • Forty Stencil designs, you will receive 2 of each of the designs shown
  • 8ml Bottle of Inkatoo ink, which does on average 150 tattoos.
  • Bottle of Setting Powder
  • Pack of Application Brushes

Packaged in gift box

  • Easy to Apply
  • Stencils may vary
  • Do not rub when wet
  • Suitable for 3 Years and above
  • Adult Supervision Rrecommended

Shake well before use!

Place your Glitter Body Art stencil on the skin, cover the skin area with a bit of talcum powder, cover with the ink and then apply talcum powder over the top to dry, alternatively use your glitter to add a bit of sparkle. When totally dry the tattoo will be black. Water can be sprayed over immediately which will remove the talcum powder. We have a tutorial on our Home Page.

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