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Nail Art Glitter 5 Gram Jars

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Nail Art Glitter

Beautiful holographic nail art glitter is a chunky glitter which gives a beautiful green and blue mixed rainbow effect.

Named after the lush Island flowers of Bali in the Caribbean.

Our glitter can be incapsulated in acrylic or used with gels to create bright and beautiful nails.

Available in 5 Gram Jars - Grain Size 0.15

What is Holographic Nail Art Glitter?

Holographic glitters are large chunky grains of glitter that gives a metallic finish with a secondary rainbow finish that show up a dazzling 3D type of effect!

We have other variations of glitter on our main glitter page HERE where you can see Fine Glitter, Bioglitter, Festival Glitter mixes

How to Apply Holographic Glitter

Our glitter range can be mixed with Gel and cured under a UV lamp.

It can also just simply be applied over a base coat of wet nail varnish, using a fine brush or orange stick to sprinkle the glitter and pressing into the varnish.

Apply a top coat or two to finish off.

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