Silver Storage Makeup and Glitter Case



Silver Storage Makeup Case

Our empty Silver Storage Case is perfect for storing and carrying your makeup or glitter tattoo kit.

Perfect entry level beauty case for trainees.

  • Beauty, Manicure and Glitter Tattoo Case
  • Perfect For Storing small Nail Varnish Bottles or Glitter Jars and Bottles.
  • Comes with a foam Inserts With The Ability To Store 24 Puffer bottles (2 cm round) and 12 Round Jars (4cm round).
  • Elastic inserts on inside of lid for holding in place larger items.
  • Product Dimensions: 30 cm  x 12 cm x 20 cm

Also, there is an elastic strapping inside the lid of the box for holding in place larger items.

The foam insert may be removed.

There is a handle for carrying.  We have other accessories ie empty glitter jars etc,  on our page HERE