Purple Body Glitter


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Purple Body Glitter

Our Purple Body Glitter is beautiful and sparkly and used for creating glitter tattoos.

This shade of purple is bright and vibrant, perfect for floral and princess glitter tattoos.

Please note the photographic picture may differ slightly from the genuine colour

This colour comes in a standard Size 008 grain and available in a 10 ml Jar or Puffer or 60 ml Refill or larger refill bags.

Our glitter come as loose hexagon shaped glitter.

Suitable for Glitter Tattoos and Solvent Resistant so also perfect for nail technicians to use with Acrylics and Gels.

Not recommended for use on the face or near eyes.

How to Apply Glitter

Use a makeup brush to apply the glitter on top of your body glue and self-adhesive stencil if you are creating a glitter tattoo.

Mix with acrylic and gels or simply sprinkle onto of wet nails for nail art creations.


Glitter Body Art’s cosmetic range gives you all glitz, glimmer and dazzle you require for your glitter tattoos at birthday parties and events.

We have a large range of shades including

  • Iridescent which are sparkly, shiny and shimmy translucent
  • Holographic glitters glimmer a beautiful kaleidoscope of colours
  • Fluorescent which are ultra bright
  • Chunky Festival Mixes

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