Wholesale Cosmetic Glitter – Green


150 Gram Jars

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Wholesale Cosmetic Glitter

Our wholesale cosmetic glitter in Green is beautiful with shades of light metallic grass green colours.

Bulk Buy Premium Grade Cosmetic Glitter Sparkly Shimmer in 150 gram jars.  The grain size of glitter is 008.

If you own a large party business or have a glitter bar at festivals and events, you  may need large quantities of glitter.

Cosmetic glitter is made from plastics to not cut the skin and is dyed with FDA approved colorants that will not bleed onto the skin.

Cosmetic glitter is also made into shapes that don't include sharp corners that could damage skin or possibly eyes if applied to the eye area

Our cosmetic glitters are suitable for

  • Glitter Tattoos
  • Make Up
  • Resin work
  • Wax creations

These premium glitter colours are Solvent Resistant so perfect for nail technicians to use with Acrylics and Gel Nails.

Packaged as a:150 gram jars - quantities are approximate due to different densities of glitter.

Our premium glitter is suitable for use with glitter make-up, glitter nails, glitter lips & glitter tattoos

  • Our premium glitter is cosmetic grade, FDA approved and EN71 approved
  • Please note the photographic picture may differ slighly from the genuine colour

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