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The party and festival business is changing dramatically towards using environmentally friendly bio glitters. Bio glitters are cosmetically approved glitters that can be used for Glitter Tattoos, adding glitter to Face Painting, glittery Nail Art, Glitter Hair designs, and Festival Makeup mixes.

Many festival organisers and birthday party locations are now insisting that professional face painting and glitter tattoo companies only use Biodegradable products at their events to protect the land.

There has been a considerable amount of news hitting the headlines currently on the hazardous effects glitter is having in our oceans and on our planet. So here at Glitter Body Art Ltd, we are now stocking an alternative glitter brand which we have called Biosparkleregistered logo

Bio glitter is also referred to as eco glitter and is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic-based glitter found in cosmetic products, soaps, and shower gels, etc

Completely unique, biodegradable glitter uses plant-derived material, primarily eucalyptus tree, as its basis rather than polyester so being kind to the environment.

During testing of Bio-glitter, it was found that the vast majority of biodegradable content in Bio glitter products biodegraded within just 4 weeks! Obviously, the ground on which it falls has to be suitable which determines the biodegradability timescale.

This proves that the coatings applied during the manufacture of Bio glitter do not impair the known ability of its unique core to biodegrade in the natural environment.


bioglitter no animal testing official stocks made from plants


We are OFFICIAL STOCKISTS of the Bio glitter brand so you can be assured of its quality and excellence as well as meeting both FDA and European Commission Cosmetic Regulations.

You can learn more detailed information about biodegradability and sustainability at

We stock a range of 14 standard colours in varying sizes from 5 grams up to 1 kilo bags. There is also a range of chunky eye glitter makeup mixes, great for that festival vibe look. Please take a look at our biodegradable glitter range HERE