Festival Glitter

We have everything you need for your festival look with our festival glitter makeup range of products you need to apply glitter on the face, body and hair.

Glitter stock include, glitter gel for the face as well as glitter adhesives. Chunky glitter mixes for the face and chunky hair glitters. Festival glitter kits, loose glitter in glitter pots, glitter stars, facial stickers, festival face paint and much more.

All these products are cosmetically approved cosmetic glitters and we also stock a range of biodegradable face glitter mixes.

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  • Festival Glitter Gel, glitter gel, glitter glue, face gel, hair gel

    Festival Face and Body Gel 50g

    £4.99 £3.99
  • Chunky Holographic Silver Glitter – Large

    £1.49 £0.99
  • Chunky Holographic Silver Glitter – Small

    £1.49 £0.99
  • Unicorn Love Festival glitter
  • Starlight Festival Gliitter
  • Hocus Pocus halloween festival glitter
  • Large Hexagon Festival Glitter: Gold

    £1.49 £0.99
  • Chunky Gold Glitter – Small

    £1.49 £0.99