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Facepainting Sponge

20Grimas Make-up Sponges are used for applying all kinds of make-up and facepaints. Make-up Sponges are available in a round shape (60×30 mm, individually packed) Procedure For reasons of hygiene, do not use the same Make-up Sponge on more than … Read More

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Empty 100ml Spray Bottle

Spray Bottle which can be filled with water or surgical spirit. Comes empty with a spray attachment nozzle and cap. Holds 100ml of liquid Made of Plastic  

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Large Crystals

Large Clear Crystals Approximately 100 Crystals per jar. Perfect for decoration for facepainting, glitter tattoos and clothing. Non-adhesive backing so glue is require to adhere to skin etc Use our Body Glue Plus if using on the Body and our … Read More

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Grimas Facepainting Brushes

Grimas Facepainting Brushes   Perfect brushes for beginners to professional facepainters!     Available in sizes: IMR0 (0.5mm) IMR1 (1mm) IMR2 (2mm) IMR4 (4mm) IMR6 (6mm) Grimas facepainting brushes are made from Imitation Mongoose which are an excellent alternative to … Read More

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