Body Adhesive / Glue

Body Glue / Skin Adhesive

Body Glue, Skin glue and adhesive, glitter gel, glitter glue and face glue

Welcome to our range of Cosmetically Approved Professional Body Glue and Body Adhesive including Skin Safe Body Glue for glitter tattoos, Body Glue for Gemstones, Body Glue for Glitter and Glitter Gel for Body.

Body Glue Plus is our own branded Glitter Tattoo Glue which is a Latex Free glue and suitable for use on Children over 3 years of age.

Perfect for use for temporary tattoos for kids and glitter makeup.

The ultimate body and face glitter glue!

We also stock Makeup Glitter Fix which is a face glue and Face & Body Festival Gel for applying glitter to the face and hair.

Also used for stage and screen as a prosthetic body glue for applying false latex noses and moustaches .

We stock small 4 ml glue wands and refill bottles up to 1 litre.

Hypoallergenic and water based products.