Body Glue Plus – Skin Glue – 3 x 10ml Wands


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body glue for glitter tattoos

Body Glue for Glitter Tattoos

3 x 10ml bottles of cosmetically approved glue.

Each bottle does approximately 180 tattoos.


This is a long lasting Body Glue/Adhesive (lasts up to 7 days) suitable for applying glitter, gems and prosthetics. Our product is a cosmetic glue is great for use with our range of glitter or other cosmetic purposes.

You will receive 3 x 10 ml containers.  

You may also purchase, bottles, wands, party bag sizes and refills up to 1 litre bottles for professional use.

Apply very thinly to achieve the best coverage. Not recommended for use on face. However, please check out our other body glues HERE Safe to use on children 3 years and above. Remove with baby oil or surgical spirit. Check out our Instagram page HERE for pictures and videos.

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5 reviews for Body Glue Plus - Skin Glue - 3 x 10ml Wands

  1. Anonymous

    Great easy to use glue, thanks

  2. Lydia J.

  3. Vanessa H.

    It’s great to be able to buy these separately as have so much glitter still in stock

  4. Anonymous

  5. Isabel

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