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Body Glue Plus 3 x 10ml Bottles
3 Bottles of Body Adhesive with Brush Applicator
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Body Glue Plus Refill Bottle 100ml
Refill bottle will do approx 1800 Tattoos!
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Body Glue Plus 8ml
Wand will do approx 140 Tattoos!
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Body Glue Plus 10ml Bottle
Bottle will do approximately 180 Tattoos!
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Body Glue Plus 1 Litre
Bulk 1 Litre Refill Bottle - Will do over 18,000 Tattoos!
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Glitter Tattoo Brush Set

This is a pack of three brushes One small for intricate details. Medium size for one colour blocks of colour Large duster brush for removing excess glitter If you manage to get glue onto the brush, use surgical spirit to … Read More

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Stencil Display Bag

Plastic display bag for temporary tattoos – 21 pockets – eyelets for hanging on a wall.  Size 16 x 26 inches.

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Glitter Tattoo Brush Sets x 3

Set of brushes for use with glitter tattoos (3 sets of brushes) You will receive three sets of three. Each set contains a small, medium and large duster brush. Surgical spirit can be used to remove any glue that you … Read More

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Makeup Glitter Fix – 8ml
New & Improved Adhesive for Make Up
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Body Glue Plus – 3 x 8ml Wands

Cosmetic Body Glue This is a long lasting body Adhesive (lasts up to 7 days) suitable for applying glitter tattoos and body gems. Our cosmetic body glue is great for use with our range of glitter or other cosmetic purposes. … Read More

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Empty 100ml Spray Bottle

Empty Spray Bottle – Perfect for filling with water or surgical spirit Comes with spray attachment nozzle and cap Holds 100ml of liquid Made of Plastic  

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Empty Glass Puffer Bottles x 5

Empty 10ml puffer bottles for glitter tattoos – glass base with plastic spout, spout is squeezable to apply glitter

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Large Crystals

Jar of approximately 100 Clear Crystals for decoration for facepainting, glitter tattoos and clothing. Non-adhesive backing so glue is require to adhere to skin etc Use our Body Glue Plus if using on the Body and our Make-Up Glitter Fix … Read More

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Glitter Tattoo Apron

  Glitter Tattoo Apron Plain black apron with colourful logo for glitter tattoo artists. Glitter Tattoos logo in rainbow vinyl writing. Perfect additional any glitter tattoo kit. One Size

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Empty Refill Jars x 4

Clear plastic Jar with screw top cap. Holds up to 5 grams of glitter 20cm high by 35cm diameter.

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