All glitter tattoo businesses and face painters require accessories.

Maybe you need empty jars to refill your cosmetic glitters or spray bottles for your water or surgical spirit.

We also have a range of advertising posters, banners and aprons to help you advertise your business at events.

We have a selection of empty 5 gram jars, 100ml spray bottles, stackable glitter jars, application brushes and face painting brushes.

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  • Brush Set of 3

    Glitter Tattoo Brush Set

  • Stencil Display Bag

  • glitter tattoo brushes, set of 3 brushes for temporary tattoos with black handle and hair

    Glitter Tattoo Brush Sets x 3

  • Facepainting Sponge

  • Empty Glass Puffer Bottles x 5

  • Empty 100ml Spray Bottle

  • Large Crystals

  • Festival Glitter Gel, glitter gel, glitter glue, face gel, hair gel

    Festival Face and Body Gel 50g

    £4.99 £3.99
  • Empty Stackable Glitter Pots

    £1.50 £0.99
  • Empty Refill Glitter Jars x 4