Glitter Tattoo Accessories

Everybody needs Glitter Tattoo Accessories to assist them in their temporary tattoos or face painting business.  Maybe you require advertising posters or large banners to display at Birthday Parties or Events.

We stock many accessories online including empty refillable glitter jars and bottles, empty spray bottles for water or surgical spirit, face painting makeup sponges and make up brushes.

We even have snazzy Glitter Tattoo aprons!

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  • Grimas Face painting sponge, make up sponge,

    Grimas Face Painting Sponge

  • Empty glass puffer bottles for loose glitter,

    Empty Glitter Puffer Bottles x 5

  • plastic empty spray bottle 100ml

    Empty 100ml Spray Bottle

  • set of 3 pink makeup brushes for applying glitter

    Pink Glitter Tattoo Brush Set

  • Glitter tattoo stencil display bag with clear pocket to store temporary tattoo stencils

    Glitter Tattoo Stencil Display Bag

  • banner, glitter tattoo banner, advertising poster, advertising banner

    Glitter Tattoo Advertising Banner

  • advertising banner, banner and stand, glitter tattoo banner, birthday party banner, advertising banner, glitter tattoo poster, tattoo display,

    Pop-Up Banner and Stand for Temporary Tattoos

  • pink makeup brush set for glitter tattoos

    Glitter Tattoo Brush Sets x 3

  • Inkatoo advertising poster, A4 size, temporary tattoo advertising poster

    Inkatoo A4 Advertising Poster

  • Grimas Facepainting Brushes

  • empty glitter refill bottle, 60ml empty bottle

    Empty Plastic Bottle – Glitter Refill

  • 4 Empty glitter jars, clear jars with screw top lids, 5 gram glitter jars

    Empty Glitter Jars for Loose Glitter x 4

  • glitter tattoo advertising poster A4 size, temporary tattoo stencil banner

    Glitter Tattoo Advertising Poster

  • pink apron, glitter tattoo apron, face painting apron, apron

    Pink Glitter Tattoo Apron with Pocket

  • Girl with pink hair and glitter face advertising poster for Festival Makeup

    Festival Glitter Makeup Advertising Poster

  • Glitter Tattoo Promo Banner for advertising and marketing glitter tattoos

    Glitter Tattoo Promo Banner 6ft

  • Glitter Tattoo Promo Banner for advertising and marketing glitter tattoos

    Glitter Tattoo Promo Banner 4ft