Glitter Tattoo Brush Sets x 3


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Glitter Tattoo Brush Sets

Our BRAND NEW Pink glitter Tattoo Brush sets come as a set of three and you will receive 3 packs.

These brushes are used for apply glitter onto the glue and stencil to make your glitter tattoo.

Perfect if you have a team of staff working at a birthday party or event.

Each set of 3 brushes, contains a small, medium and large duster brush.

Each brush as a black handle and black synthetic hair.  The larger brush of the set has name printed upon it.

The small brush is used to apply small quantities of different colours.

The medium brush is used for applying just one glitter colour and then we have a large duster brush for removing any excess loose glitter.

Your brushes can become sticky from the glue simply spray a bit of Surgical spirit onto the brushes as it may be used to remove any glue.

We have an INSTAGRAM account where you can see pics and videos of our temporary tattoos being created.

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Weight 45 g

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