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Flags & Sport Stencils for Glitter Tattoos

rugby ball temporary tattoo stencil, sporting temporary tattoos for kids

Sporting events are very popular in the UK and Abroad.

We have a selection of fun flags and sport temporary tattoo stencils so you can create your sporting semi-permanent glitter tattoos.  Fun designs for both children and adults.  Easy to apply, self-adhesive, triple layered stencils.

We have rugby and football stencil templates so you can support your nations, England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales.  We have the Welsh Dragon also used for St David’s Day, Scottish Thistle and Irish Shamrock which are perfect for St Patrick Day Events, Union Jack stencils and English Lion along with many more stencil designs.

Stencils are available in a pack of 5 or 25 stencils for larger events.