Grimas Face Painting Sponge


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Grimas Face Painting Sponge

These lightweight sponges are used for applying all kinds of water based make-up and water based face paints.

Our sponges are made by Grimas the well known face painting brand from the Netherlands.

These sponges are high density make up sponges.

Grimas face painting Sponges are available in a round shape (60x30 mm, individually packed)

We highly recommend cutting the circular sponge in half, so you may use the flat edges of the inside.


  • For reasons of hygiene, do not use the same Grimas face painting sponge on more than one person.
  • Make-up Sponges are disposable and are intended to be thrown away after use. Used and moist Make-up Sponges are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungus.
  • If you decide that you would like to use the Make-up Sponges more than once, rinse them out by hand after each use and wash them in the washing machine at a minimum temperature of 60°C.
  • Can be cut in half to produce two moon shapes.
  • Use a washing bag or pillowcase to protect both the Make-up Sponges and the washing machine.

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