Festival Bio Glitter Mix – Pixie Pink


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25gm Jars

Festival Bio Glitter


Our Festival Bio Glitter mix is called Pixie Pink and is a cosmetic grade Festival Glitter mix which can be used for Body Glitter, Hair Glitter, Festival face makeup or Glitter beards.

This particular festival mix is a mixture of holographic pink, purple and green shades giving it a vibrant carnival vibe.

If you love the sparkle of glitter, you will love our festival range.

*Some dark colours are prone to bleed onto the skin when applied with different gels but can be washed off.

Why do you want Festival Glitter?

Bring out the festival look and add a bit of sparkle and bling to your face painting or glitter bar this season by adding our chunky glitter


How is it packaged?

Packaged in a wide brimmed 25 gram jar for easy application.

How to apply festival glitter

We recommend to using our Make-up Glitter Fix for application if you wish the glitter to stay on all day ie photoshoot.

Alternatively you may use our new Festival Face & Body Gel which will last up to several hours and easier remove, check them out HERE
Use a sponge to apply the glitter as you will gain more coverage quickly.

How to remove festival glitter

Our festival glitter mixes are easily removed simply by using baby oil or very good quality make up remover. Using a cotton pad with your product and using gentle circular motions.


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