Biosparkle is our own brand of bio-glitters, Biodegradable environmentally friendly Bio Glitter, used for cosmetic purposes and suitable for use on the face, hair or body. It can be used for applications such as glitter tattoos, make-up, festival glitter, nail art, glitter hair and be kind to the environment at the same time.


What is Bio Glitter??

Our specialist cruelty free and vegan friendly glitter is produced from a biodegradable film, it does not contain genetically modified materials, therefore the glitter complies with European Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009 and FDA approved. It is not tested on animals so is classified safe for Vegans. Please download our data sheets if you require more information.

Our bio glitters are very stable and will not biodegrade on the shelf and has an indefinite shelf life. Biodegradation will only start when subjected to soil, compost or wastewater environments. Biodegradable glitters break down naturally in the environment so that no harm can come to wildlife, perfect for outside events like carnivals and festivals or the environmentally friendly amongst us.

Cosmetic biodegradable glitter primarily comes from Eucalyptus trees and is recyclable. To apply to the skin we recommend our Make-Up Glitter Fix. Our 14 standard Bioglitter colours are packaged in 5 Gram Jars with screw top lid, refillable puffer bottles and  60ml refills.  If you wish to buy wholesale Bioglitter then you can purchase 250g, 500g and 1 kg bags.

We also a vast range of festival chunky glitter mixes. The particle size is 008 Hexagon and as a result are softer and smoother on the skin.

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Get creative with Glitter!

See how you can use our Bio Glitter colours to create fantastic Temporary Tattoos, great for adding a bit of sparkle to your party! We have a huge range of glitter tattoo stencils to choose from.


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Fantastic Service and Great Choice!

I have been using Glitter Body Art for several years not for my glitter and stencil supplies, I have strayed to other sites to buy products but have always been disappointed with the quality of them and now only ever use GBA, they are reliable and there is a great choice of glitter and stencils, and I also love the fact sheets that are available too so that I can show anyone at events the details of the products used. Thank you so much!

Julie May

Glitter Tattoos

Best in the market. Easy to use and long lasting tattoos. I had a month out of one tattoo before it needed changing. Easy to use and a good selection of designs and glitter colours. I love the fact I can buy large refills so no need to replace the pots they come in. Quick delivery at a reasonable price.


Great Quality Items

I’ve been buying from GBA for over a year. All the products are great quality, there is plenty of choice of stencils and different glitter colours and delivery is very fast.. their customer service is also fantastic. I’m like a kid at Christmas opening my glitter parcel.. Its Magical for us grown ups too!!

Michelle (Shimmershack)

Fantastic cosmetic glitter range!

I am a make up artist and found the cosmetic glitters to be fabulous quality, lovely colours and brilliant to work with! Love Glitter Body Art!


Glad I found this company!

Been looking for face painting stencils for the rugby & found these guys. Got my order delivered 2 days after… and it’s great! Will shop here again!



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