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Buy glitter in bigger and larger quantities


Several of our cosmetic glitters, festival glitters and bioglitters are now available to buy in larger quantities than our usual 5 grams jars and 40 gram refills.

You may purchase premium cosmetic glitters up to 150 Grams, Festival Glitters up to 100 grams and some of our standard body glitter up to 1 kilo bags.

We have now launched our Biosparkle biodegradeable glitter range in large quantities of 250 grams, 500 grams and 1 kilo bags.

Our Biodegradeable glitter range are environmentally friendly cosmetic glitters which can be used in creating glitter tattoos and used in make up.

The option to buy larger quantities are offered on individual colours throughout our website in the drop down menus where you can pick the weight you require.  Not all colours are available in quantities larger than 40 Grams.

Our Cosmetic Glitters and mixes are suitable for Temporary Tattoos, Festival Face Glitter, Glitter Hair, Make Up and Nail Art.

In the range you will find Holographic Glitters and Iridescent Glitters all of which you a fabulous prism of colour!

Solvent Resistant so perfect for nail technicians to use with Acrylics and Gels.

  • Our premium glitter is cosmetic grade which means the colorants and ingredients are approved by the FDA so are safe to use on the skin, they are also EN71 approved
  • Please note the photographic picture may differ slighty from the genuine colour

If you cannot see a glitter available in a larger quantity please contact us.