Make-Up Glitter Fix & Glitter Lips by Ebony V Cosmetics

Create beautiful glitter make-up using our specially formulated, cosmetically approved, Make-Up Fixer and cosmetic glitters.

The Fixer can used to create beautiful Glitter Eyelashes, Glitter Lips and Glitter Body Art creations on your face, perfect for the party season. The product will last for hours and you can drink and eat as well whilst wearing the product.



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Using Glitter Lips

Make-Up-Glitter-Fix2You can apply your Ebony V Fixer over your make up but ensure if you want to create Glitter Lips, that your lips are clean and dry and keep them open during the process otherwise your lips will stick together.

Using your sponge applicator supplied in your fixer wand, apply a thin layer to your lips, the fixer will go on white/blue but will begin to go clear. You can then apply your glitter. To apply the glitter, just use your brush to dab on the lips covering the full fixer area. Drawing around your lips with a lip pencil first before applying the glitter will give your lips more definition. Hey Presto, you have beautiful glitter lips.

Glitter Lashes & Lids

Glitter-EyeUsing the same fixer you can apply the fixer to the ends of your lashes and then using a mascara brush, dip into the glitter your body art shapes and then apply to the edges, the glitter will adhere to the glue area. To apply to your lids, make sure your eye lid remains closed during the application process to avoid stickiness.

Glitter Face Art

Again, the Ebony V Fixer is universal and perfect for applying face art using our face templates. Place the body art stencil on the desired area on the face, apply Fixer thinly, allow the Fixer to go clear and then apply your glitter using your glitter brush, apply from the bottom up to avoid glitter spilling everywhere. Sweep away any excess glitter, remove the template and your left with a beautiful face design.


The Fixer is gentle on the skin and can be easily removed by soaking make-up remover into a cotton cosmetic pad and pressing onto the area, gently remove the product.