Glitter Tattoos are easier than you think too make!


Take a look at our  Glitter Tattoo Instructions and Troubleshooting below or visit our online shop or you can check out our Video Tutorials link at the bottom of our page.

Temporary Tattoos for kids, how to make a temporary tattoo


Before applying a temporary tattoo made with glitter known as a glitter tattoo, the skin area must be cleaned thoroughly using something like surgical spirit.

Most of our stencils are three layer, so firstly, gently remove the white backing paper, then place the black sticky section with attached top clear cover onto the skin, smooth over so it sits flat to the skin.

Once flat, remove the clear top layer so you are only left with the black section on the skin.

Using your cosmetic body glue, remove excess off sponge applicator or brush and then lightly cover the skin area of the stencil.

Making sure all edges are covered, work from the outside in.

The glue will go on white but when turn clear.

Once the glue is clear you can apply your cosmetic glitter covering all the glued skin area.

Remove any excess glitter with your big duster style brush.

Carefully remove the stencil from the skin and you will reveal your beautiful glitter tattoo.

platinum jubilee union jack temporary tattoo



Glitter tattoos are easy to create but you may come across a few issues when you first starting doing them.

Why is my glitter tattoo patchy?

You have either used too much glue or not applied enough glitter.

Why isn’t my glitter tattoo stencil sticking?

The skin area may be too greasy or oily, use surgical spirit to clean the skin before applying.

Why is the body glue coming away with the stencil?

You have used too much body glue, only a small amount is required, it goes a long way!

How can I clean my brushes from glue and glitter?

Use surgical spirit and it will remove any residue of glitter or glue.

Why has my body glue gone thick?

It has become too warm, use a tiny drop of tap water to water it down.

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