Scotland Facepainting Kit


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Scotland Facepainting Stencil

Our Scotland facepainting Kit is perfect for supporting Scotland in sporting events.

You do not have to be a professional face painter to create wonderful designs.

Our Face painting stencils are also suitable as Airbrush Stencils.

Made of flexible hardwearing plastic which are non-adhesive, re-useable and washable.

Our stencils are perfect for little hands, arms and faces and quick and easy to apply.  Using a sponge apply your face paint over the stencil which will leave you with a beautifully detailed design.

The size of this stencil is 120mm x 60mm. However, we do have a medium sized range and large sized range for body art commissions.

These stencils are designed to be used with face paints and a sponge or airbrushing.

There is a hole in the end of each stencil so you can attach them to a key ring for ease of keeping them together.

Our multi-pack range it is great for professional face painters who need many themed designs can be seen HERE

These stencils are NOT suitable for glitter tattoos. 

Check out our Instagram for fun pictures and video HERE


  • One Blue Grimas Face Paint - 2.5ml
  • Face Painting Sponge
  • 2 Scottish Face Paint Stencils

How to use our kit

Spray water onto the facepaint and using your sponge (flat side), Cut the sponge in half.  Then load your sponge with the facepaint, make sure its not too wet.  Hold the stencil firm to the face or arm and then dab the sponge on the stencil.  Once the stencil is removed, you will be left with your design.

Our stencils so made from flexible plastic so can be washed and reused several times.

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Weight 60 g

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