Halloween Scream 298 (Pack of 5 or 25)


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Halloween Scream Glitter Tattoo Stencil (Pack of 5 or 25)

Great tattoo for your Halloween party either at home or if your going to an event.

Our Halloween Scream glitter tattoo stencil is supplied as a 3 layered stencils, which are designed to be used with our range of cosmetic glitters and body adhesive.

We also supply a range of Halloween temporary tattoo kits, face painting kits & accessories.

  • 3 layer self adhesive stencil - 44mm x 68mm
  • Water based self adhesive stencil
  • Suitable for use on children of 3 years & over
  • Glitter Tattoos can last up to 7 days


Additional information

Weight 7.4 g

Remove paper backing from rear of stencil – Place stencil onto desired area of skin – Remove clear top layer – Apply thin layer of body adhesive to the inside area of the stencil – Wait for the glue to become clear (opaque) – Apply glitter to the stencil using the small / medium brush – Use the large brush to remove excess glitter – Gently peel away the stencil to reveal your beautiful glitter tattoo.



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