Nail Art Glitter – Holographic – Jamaica

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Nail Art Glitter 5 Gram Jars

Holographic Nail Art Glitter in shades of a vibrant green

Our chunky range of nail art glitters are available in 5 Gram Jars  and the grain size is 0.15

What is Holographic Glitter?

This glitter provides a beautiful metallic finish with a secondary rainbow undertone that gives you a dazzling 3D type of effect!

How to Apply:

Our holographic nail art glitter can be mixed with Gel and cured under a UV lamp.

It may also be mixed in with Acrylic.

Also just simply be applied over a base coat of wet nail varnish, using a fine brush or orange stick to sprinkle the glitter and pressing into the varnish. Apply a top coat or two to finish off.

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