Body Glitter – Razzle


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Body Glitter from our standard cosmetic range.

Razzle is a combination of lots of different colours of glitter, including reds, greens, blacks, blues, purples & pinks to give a brilliant multi-coloured effect!

Standard Cosmetic Opaque Glitter in Size 008. Perfect for creating your Glitter Tattoos. Solvent Resistant so perfect for nail technicians to use with Acrylics and Gels.

Not suitable to use on the face.

Available in: 10 ml jar - 10 ml puffer bottle - 60 ml refill bottle.


10ml Jar / 10ml Puffer = 3.5 - 4.5 grams net weight

60ml Bottle = 43 - 49 grams net weight

(net weights will vary depending on the colour due to the each colours density)

Additional information

Weight 15 g