Tattoo Stickers

Tattoo stickers are similar to the old fashion stick on tattoos found in sweet packet.  Easily applied simply by dampening with water on top of the tattoo sheet which then transfers the design onto the skin.  Fun fake tattoos for kids.  Body tattoos are very popular and quick and easy to apply. Perfect for party bag fillers or doing events. People of all ages love fake tattoos!


We supply a range of tattoo designs for both girls and boys –  black tattoos or colourful tattoos. We supply the tattoo designs in single sheets, where each sheet contains 3 to 5 tattoos. Or we can supply a pack of sheets with 200 tattoo designs (10 packs of 20 sheets – several designs per sheet).

Our range of designs include butterflies, dragons, snakes, flowers, scorpions, fairies – and lots more! These are the perfect temporary, single use tattoos for a short period of time.

How to Apply a Water Transfer Tattoo:

  • Clean the skin
  • Cut out the desired tattoo design
  • Remove the top sheet
  • Use damp cloth to place on the back of the tattoo
  • After approximately 20 seconds gently remove the backing paper
  • Allow Fake Tattoo to dry


Removeable Tattoo: Apply baby oil to a small cotton pad and apply to remove the area, gently rubbing. We don’t recommend using on children under 3 years of age or applying to sensitive skin.

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