Festival Glitter & Chunky cosmetic glitter combinations for festival face or glitter hair mixes. We have a range of beautiful glitter colours packaged in 25 gram Jars which are flat with wide rims for easy application, perfect for festival makeup.


Our chunky festival glitters come in a variety of colours and shapes, creating the ultimate festival look. Non-toxic, easily applied to the face, body and hair for a bold and long-lasting finish.

A range of glitter colours & shapes…



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We have a large range of different colours, grains, shapes & sizes, including hexagons, hearts, stars. Our colours range from metallic, opaque, iridescent & holographic. So if you are going to a festival this summer, even if it rains you can add a bit of sparkle to your party!

We recommend using our Make-up Glitter Fix for application, however, you can use the base of your choice i.e. body safe gel products. Use a sponge to apply the glitter as you will gain more coverage, quickly. Easily removed using baby oil.

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Glitter Body Art products are easy to use, safe for use by children & CE Approved. We stock a variety of temporary tattoo products, face painting products & accessories. We are always adding new, original designs, so keep checking our latest products page for our newest ranges.

Our products are cosmetically approved and manufactured from our own factory in Wales. We can supply everything you need to put a bit of sparkle into a party! We have a large variety of tattoo kits, from small personal use to large business kits for commercial uses such as theme parks and entertainment centres.

We have a range of Biodegradable Glitters and face gems. We also supply tattoo stencils, face painting kits, body glue & accessories – so we have everything you need to jazz up your parties this summer!

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