Premium Glitter
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Cosmetic & Body Glitter

We supply a range of glitters (premium cosmetic) & body glitter (standard) suitable for temporary tattoos, make up, nail art  & body art. Our cosmetic glitters are of cosmetic grade, FDA approved and EN71 approved. Our Premium, Cosmetic Glitter is suitable for use on your body & face, so it’s perfect for glitter make-up, glitter nails, glitter lips & glitter tattoos.  We also stock a range of Bio Glitters which are environmenetally friendly.

Bio Glitter is suitable for use on the body and face as fully cosmetic so can be used for makeup

Premium is cosmetic glitter so suitable for the body, face, eyes and make up

Standard body glitter is only suitable for glitter tattoos and cannot be used on the face

Ultra fine cosmetic glitter is perfect for the eyes and make up as it is very fine and smooth like eyeshadow